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Where can I buy the book?

The paperback edition is available through the following booksellers:

Kindle and e-pub editions can be ordered worldwide at Amazon, Kobo,, i-Book, and other e-book distributors.


Wine and song for Passage of the Stork

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Read Springtime Book’s interview with Madeleine on writing the book

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How many copies have been published?

The book is published via print on demand. This means that an unlimited number of copies can be printed. It also means that it can take 1-2 days before the ordered book can be shipped.

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To order the book in The Netherlands, please fill in the form below:


  1. Mary Lou Gillette

    Passage of the Stork by Madeleine Lenagh compels us with insightful and mystical imagery to join the author in a search that speaks to the heart of us all. Maddi shows us a life sometimes calm, sometimes brilliant, often turbulent, but filled with the courage to seek answers to questions from the soul. It is a story of growth, understanding, and wisdom earned through seeking the courage to reflect on the past, gain peace for the present, and carry hope for the future. It is inspirational!
    Mary Lou Gillette

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  4. I would like to order the paperback version of Passage of the stork. Can you please send me some more info on how to order this

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