Ten things you probably didn’t know about Madeleine

I actually got this idea from one of my favorite wildlife photographers, Tin Man Lee. He has a wonderful blog: Tin Man Photography, which is worth the visit.

Maddi 2 yrs old

  1. I was born in Yellow Springs, Ohio. My mother was staying with her sister at the time. We flew back to Westport, Connecticut when I was three weeks old and I grew up in Westport. Later, I returned to Yellow Springs to attend Antioch College.
  2. I’m a college dropout, at least first time around. I left Antioch after a year-and-a-half because I couldn’t decide on my major and didn’t see the point.
  3. “How did you end up in The Netherlands?” Purely by coincidence and I never got around to leaving. Now I’ve put down roots here. I moved here in 1970 at the age of 21. I lived in Haarlem (NL) for 26 years. Which is the longest I’ve lived anywhere.
  4. My grandchildren’s names are Sara and Stan and they’re absolutely adorable. I’ve dedicated my first book to them. Recently Cato has joined the gang, and she’s a sweetheart!. They live in Haarlem. My other son lives in the UK.
  5. I did go back to college, three times. I earned a Bachelors in Social Work (Opbouwwerk) at the Haagse Sociale Academie in the late 70’s. Then I earned a Masters in Public Law (Juridische Bestuurswetenschappen) at the University of Amsterdam in the late 80’s. And in 2012 I got my Masters in Coaching and Counseling at the Europees Instituut voor Educatie.
  6. I played the violin for years. Stopped playing about 15 years ago when I was having back troubles (and some emotional upheavels as well). To compensate, I’ve taken up singing.
  7. I’m passionate about nature photography. I want to be a mirror, reflecting the beauty of the world back to the world. I love to paint as well, but my real loves are photography and writing.
  8. I love birds. My garden is filled with birdfeeders and other enticements. I can watch them fly on and off for hours.
  9. I have a grey Burmese cat named SuuKyi (she used to have a brother named AungSan but he got hit by a car.). She’s a glutton for attention and a good mentor for me, encouraging me to sit quietly for at least 30 minutes a day so she can sit on my lap. I call it meditating.
  10. Most people think of me as being very extraverted. I’m actually a lot more of an introvert than I seem. In tests, I always score 50/50. So it really depends on the context which side of me you will get to see.

You will find some of this information in my book, Passage of the Stork.

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